6-Month Warranty

Starting on the date of delivery, our selection of gold and diamond jewelry is covered by a brief six-month warranty. This guarantee excludes wear & tear that occurs naturally and only covers pre-existing damages or manufacture flaws. If we are unable to fix the item, we reserve the right to replace it with one of equivalent value.

Please be aware, nonetheless, that the following are not covered by the warranty: –

  • Damages resulting from abuse, carelessness, impact damage, mishaps, tampering, etc.
  • The product’s color and surface polish, as well as any stone loss.

You must fill out the Warranty Registration Form at the bottom of the page and return it within five calendar days of the delivery or purchase date, whichever comes first, in order to be eligible for the warranty. Should you neglect to register the warranty, you will not be eligible to make warranty claims in the future.

Sending the damaged items by mail or courier is advised. There is no cost associated with this warranty service. In the event that you need to make a warranty claim, please save the purchase or delivery receipt, the certificate of authenticity, the gift receipt, or your order ID if you ordered online. The certificate or receipt acts as proof of purchase, authenticity, and eligibility for this warranty for the goods you’ve bought.

These terms of the warranty

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